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5 Day Detox Tea

5 Day Detox Tea

The Detox drink is a natural supplement that you take for 5 days that will help you release toxins in your digestive system by moving your bowels. It consist of all Natural ingredients,  such as Raw organic honey,  Organic Lemons, Fresh Ginger, Cinpnamon, Apple Cider vinegar,and other herbs. You take a Small amout every day (The Bottle is pre measured for you), and your Encouraged to refrain from Pork, Red meat,  Processed foods, and Dairy while doing the detox.  Water will be your BEST FRIEND! You want to take it, when you know you will be home (bedtime), because when you go, you're going to go. It's common if you've never taken a detox, to not "go" for a couple days, that's why its important to refrain from the foods listed above and to move around (walk, jog, yoga), to get your bowels moving. You can add the detox tea to Hot Tea, Hot water,or drink it as a shot. It's important to drink it Room temperature or Hot. Never drink it or your Water cold during your Detox..

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