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Spiritual Cleansing Set

Spiritual Cleansing Set


These are the Perfect Sets for Anyone who is beginning their Spiritual Journey or for Someone who is looking to shift the Energy in their life.

*****2 options to choose from*****

*DELUXE = 3 random polished Crystals, Selenite, Sage, a healing Candle, and a stick of Palo Santo.

*SERENITY = Dragons Blood, White Sage, Selenite, black tourmaline, and Palo Santo.

Each crystal is around the size of a Nickel and is hand picked by me according to your need. Use the Selenite to Cleanse your Crystals or Protect your home. Sage will remove Negative Energy from your Space, while the Palo Santo will Bring you Positive Energy. Light the Candle during Meditation to relieve your thoughts and guide you into tranquility.

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