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The Last Full Moon of the Calendar Year will be on December 29th. This Full Moon is Known as the "COLD MOON" , and is Powerful because of it's Cleansing power. During the presence of the Cold Moon, you may become very emotional, but that's ok, because it's designed to allow you to purge all your feelings, so you will be able to start a New Calendar year off, with no past transgressions. Give yourself a chance to release everything you Don't want to take with you in the New Year. Here are a few things you can do to aid that.

1. On a piece of Paper write down everything you Don't want in Black ink. Be very specific, because words are powerful. When the Cold Moon has shown its Face, go to it, read it out loud, burn it, and bury it in the ground

2. Take a Moon Bath.

Draw a Bath with Himalayan Salt, Lavender or Ylang Ylang essential oils (use your favorite eo if you don't have these), Crystals, white candles, and fresh Flowers. Submerged your body in the water, and envision yourself washing away everything you Don't want to follow you in the New Calendar Year. Start from Head and finish with your Toes.

3. Make Moon Water

Fill a Glass Jar with Spring Water, let it sit outside in the Moonlight for at least a hour. On the jug write everything you want to take with you in New Year in Black, be very specific. When you're done, drink some of the water (It's the best tasting water to me ever). Afterwards thank the Ancestors by pouring a little in the Earth. This is called libations.

4. Burn Sage and Palo Santo

Take a bundle of Sage, light it with your right hand, but hold it with your left. Engulf your entire home with it's smoke, envision in your mind, it capturing Everything you Don't want in your space. Now lift open a window and escorte all of those things, out of your home. Once the smoke has cleared, close the window and Light Palo Santo to welcome in the Positive Energy.

Make sure after any of these, you practice at lease 5 min of Meditation. Close your eyes, breathe in your nose,and out your mouth. Breathe in Positive thoughts and exhale the Negative Energy. Light and Love shall be with you 💛 Asè

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