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The Altar

Putting in that Work at the Altar. The Altar is a Sacred Space. Our Ancestors and Grandmothers had one that they often called Prayer Closets. Altar Work beings with YOU, for we are Creation and Creators. Every tear is a liquid prayer. Every Moan is a cry out for self preservation. Every Hum is finding solace within. Every offering is showing gratitude. Every Word Written is Recognition of Power. We are the source of our success, but inorder to be successful, we have to be submissive to the spirit within. You can't pray for peace and cause chaos. You can't pray for financial freedom if you're a thief. You can't pray for healing if you're causing harm. You can't pray for love if you purposely create hatred towards others. Find what binds you and leave it at your Altar. Be what you desire, but accept what you deserve. Ase'

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