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Dollar Daze

I strive to unify black businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers in a marketplace called BOBMART. As you know the circulation of other races dollars stays in their community longer: Asian 30 days, Jewish 20 days, White 17 days, Hispanic 7 days. However, we make up 1.3 trillion dollars of national gross income but our dollar only stay for 6 hours. Let me break this down like this every black american only contributes $50 dollars a month to their community but we wondering why we are being handle as such. We need to take control of our 1.3 trillion dollar spending and contribute more to our communities to see a change. The time is ticking and with your help by sharing this with 10 black people that can align themselves with the #BOBMart initiative we can see a true change. Like #BOBMart share send this to ten people or post on your wall. We appreciate you because together we can see change.

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