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Just Say No

Life is too short for drama, unnecessary confusion, and foolishness.There should be a moment in our lives, when we as Adults realize this, and if not now when??? I witness people everyday, allowing ignorance and disrespect to cause friction, neglect, and anger in their lives. Being Angry can and will cause you to lose the neccesary Positive Energy you need daily to surrive. Its tightens up your muscles, causes you pain, and leaves your body feeling weak. I pray that we as a nation learn to use our energy for good and not for evil. To Gain Strength in Spreading Love, and to Bring Joy to others instead of chaios. May we Learn that we are our Brothers/ Sisters keeper, and there is more to life than material things and money. Sometimes Love and kindness is all you need from your fellow man. Just Say No to Negativity and watch how your light will bring you and others around you Prosperity.

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