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Self Sabotaging

Self Sabotaging is a coping mechanism for past traumas and stress. I believe People don't intentionally do this, but it's a reaction to fear. Fear is FALSE-EVIDENCE-APPEARING-REAL. When you become fearful, your body reaction is usually to protected or run. Self Sabotaging is both! We want to protect ourselves from the unknown, so we create a issue that will release us from this new thing that doesn't appear like the others, so we then run from it. It only takes a second to do thus, but the effects can last a long time. Self Sabotaging often happens in Relationships, Careers, and in school but it can happen in almost any situation. Some statement that is common is, "Well, It wasn't going to work out anyway" or "I wasn't going to be able to do it right " and both put out a negative condentation that strickens you from getting what you deserve. The saddest part about this is that ot doesn't often just affect us, but it leaves a negative note with our children, partners, and/or spouse's. We are a single vessel that often carries some weight of others, and every decision we make can affect them. Once you understand that Change is Inevitable and You are Worthy of Great Changes, you will accept the wonderful new things that are in your life and move on to gain more. Your worthy!


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