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Being intune to the Universe and Your Ancestors are very important. Anyone can follow a Religion, but it takes a Strong person to follow the path that was designed to guide, restore, uplift, and protect you. As a child I grew up in a very strict religion that I never felt connected to. I often became depressed and suicidal. I wanted to feel the way others did, but I always came up short and lost. I joined every club, group, and went to every ceremony trying to make my "Square" self, fit into the circle. I felt a connection to a higher power, but not the one I was taught and positioned to follow. It wasn't until I was very grown, divorced, and with 3 kids that I was able to fall in "MY" Truth! After years of being rejected for questioning everything I was taught, I thought , now I can be completely free from all of this, and live in Peace, but it wasn't that simple. I was rejected by family and friends. Outcasted really, and it hurt me ,but I knew I couldn't turn back. Faith in my purpose allowed me to push through the depression and pain. My knowledge of "Self" allowed me to conquer all my fears and be who I was designed to be. My love for "Conciousness" guided me to who I am today, and I now understand why everyone had to be removed from my life to get me here. The Universe allows no distractions and it's not keen on doubt either, so anything attached to me that included this, had to be removed. I'm thankful for my family and friends, who I've now reconnected with. I'm thankful for every pain I felt, because it really did make me stronger, and I'm thankful for "YOU" because you took a little time to read this and learn about me.

Spiritual Awakening 101... Asè

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