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The Pink Moon is Finally Here 💖

No, it's not really pink, but the natives gave it that description due to it's Rosey glow. This is one of my Favorite Moon's because it represents a season of Cleansing and Rebirth. This beauty will reach It's highest peak around 2:55pm today. You may not be able to visually see it, but you will definitely feel a shift in the atmosphere. I like to Celebrate and embrace It's powers by doing a few thing. Here's a list of some easy rituals.

1. Reflect on what you want this season. Make sure to write a list and read it out loud to the moon. Make your list personal and a little selfish. You have to be very specific of your desires. This is your biggest Manifestation tool.

2. Make Moon water. Use a Glass Jar. Write on the jar all your desires. Health, love, new job..etc. Drink it or use it for a ritual bath

3. Take a Moon bath. Think herbs, Essential Oils, candles..etc Relax and Reflect on what you desire this season. Start to wash from head to toe. As the water drains out, so does your problems.

4. Do a group Ritual. Invite like minded friends over. Eat fruit, dance, light incense, use harmonious sounds, and praise each other

5. Cleanse your space. Throw away everything that has no value to you or donate to a charity. Some things may hold onto energy that may be preventing us from our next blessing

6. Charge your crystals. Place them outside or in the window pane. This is very important. You want to keep them charged for future usage

7. Write yourself a love letter. You've overcame a lot and you need to embrace the changes you've made to get you this far. Your a great spirit.

Do some or all of these things. It's time to begin a new cycle of Manifestation and it starts with you. Ase'

Serenity Speaks 🥰

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