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The Power of Affirmations

I Swear, I Couldn't Make This Up if I wanted to. I DREAMT These Words! I've been Feeling Overwhelmed These Last Few Weeks and Constantly Seeing the Numbers 11:11. Everytime I did, I said a little Affirmation Because I know it means my Ancestors are trying to send me a Message and Get my Attention. When I tell You there is NOTHING like Receiving a Message From the Ones who Watch over you and Guide you to your Destiny. As I came out of My Rest, all I could do was Cry! I had to Immediately Write it down, so I could Remember. This Affirmation is So Powerful, so I had to Share it! I am She, and She is Within Me. I will live in my Destiny and as you recite these words, Remember that you can too. Ase'

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