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Let's Talk Truth....

Truth is Reality. It takes It's place in history as inevitable. Truth is, Monday comes after Saturday. Truth is, only a Wombman can birth a child. Truth is, Blue and Red makes Purple, and Truth is We all have a Purpose. Regardless of who you are, truth is, you're a spiritual being dwelling in a physical form. You're important to the existence of life and so you must not cater not only to your physical form, but also to your spiritual self. Meditation, Mantras, Yoga, etc... can all do this. Because we know we have a human aspect to us, we know that we're not perfect, therefore our bodies aren't shaped perfect, sometimes we have upsetting moments and we often make mistakes. The lesson to each mistake is not make it a representation of insanity. Insanity is to do the same act over and over and believing that you will have a different outcome. Once you make that mistake, learn from it, study to see why it happened, and don't repeat the act! We were born in a world that flows in challenges that creates desires. Understanding what desire comes after each challenge allows growth. Sickness creates a desire for wellness, so we strive to take better care for ourselves. Abandonment creates a desire of being found and being kept. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but if the absence never ends, it creates sadness and pain. Truth is, we don't know what tomorrow may bring. We don't know what the next hour may look like, but we should know that trouble really can't last always and when you look back at the troubles you've had, you will realize that this storm too shall pass and EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!

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