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One Coat made a Difference

It was New Years Eve. I was 17, Pregnant, and Homeless. I was living with my Abusive (much older) boyfriend, and every time he'd get high and mad, I'd have to sleep outside. On this night, it was snowing and I knew, I was to weak to walk to my brothers house (as I always did when), so I just walked down the street, sat outside and cried. A older woman in a van stopped, came out and hugged me, and told me to get in. Her daughter was sitting in the front seat. They were on their way to church when they noticed me and turned around. This woman gave me the coat off her back and told me to wipe my eyes. She asked me if I had a place to go, and I gave her my brothers address. When she dropped me off, she told me to keep her coat and gave me her phone number. I cried more just for the kind gesture and I kept that coat for YEARS... It brought me so much comfort. Every time I saw it, it made me think of her kindness and how someone cared for me. I would put it on when, I felt lonely or depressed. That one coat made me like i was being hugged by a million arms. This is why I want to do this event so badly. This is why I don't care about how cold it will be outside or if only 5ppl shows up. I know what its like to only have 1 toy for Christmas and feel like I won the lottery. I know what it feels like to sleep outside with no blanket or walk in the snow without a coat, and I Never want anyone (especially a child), to suffer that feeling. If you have a toy, New or Gently Used washed coat to donate, please do! Trust me, there are people who really need them and will appreciate you for your donation. Men/Women/Kids of all Sizes.

Thank you in Advance


for monetary donations

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